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ADO.NET: R script error

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I have configured R with PowerBI and successfully utilised the PowerBIDataSource_HistoricReport.R provided by Hornbill but when running the PowerBIDataSource_Report.R I am getting the below error message. 

Details: "ADO.NET: R script error.
Warning message:
package 'httr' was built under R version 4.0.5 
Execution halted

I have confirmed that HTTR is the most recent version avaialble 1.4.2. Has anyone else come across this issue?

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So with some help from Steve in the Customer Support Team I have managed to get this working. For anyone else having issues I had to do the following. 

Install RStudio and Microsoft R Open 4.0.2. 

Launch RStudio as administrator (even when already logged in as admin) and check Tools -> Install Packages lists the library as below.


Open the PowerBIDataSource_Report.R inside RStudio and it will advise it needs to download additional packages to the library namely HTTR and readxl. Allow it to do this and it should download 1.4.1 of HTTR (not the latest 1.4.2 which I had issue with). Once installed go back in to Tools -> Install Packages and enter readr (also required).

Once done launch Power BI and go to Transform Data -> New Source -> Other -> R script and enter "df <- as.data.frame(.libPaths())"

This should return the .libPaths that Power BI will use. Once done remove any entries that aren't "C:/Program Files/Microsoft/R Open/R-4.0.2/library". Close and Apply the transform. 

PowerBIDataSource_Report.R should now run successfully. Hopefully this helps someone else with this issue. 

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