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Enhancements? Formatting options for the card display; text size or flexible card sizes


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We've started using the cards to display additional information from the BP (disabled sync and updating through workflow). But what we're finding is that the lack of formatting on the cards is making things look a bit messy with essential information being cut-off like the Start and End Times of the Change Window. See below. I'm seeking either 1) options for card size (per lane; I would make the forthcoming cards bigger than than those past) or 2) control over font size (I would just shrink from 14pt to 11pt) or 3) more 'intelligence' in handling this automatically (such as setting a max char limit on the card and flexing the size within that limit to ensure all information is shown).


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Hi @Berto2002

The cards support wiki formatting and its possible to adjust the font size with this e.g. if you surrounded the card content with: 

<span style="font-size: 11px">...</span>

in your bpm node this should reduce the size, see here for more info about wiki markup




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Sorry, the wiki markup needs to be applied line by line and won't work if you do if over multiple lines.  The opening and closing span tags need to be on the same line, so would need to be something like

<span style="font-size: 11px">'''Summary:''' Test summary</span>
<span style="font-size: 11px">'''Service:''' Test service</span>

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Hi @TrevorHarris. It helps a bit but there are two issues remaining:

1) the Wiki Markup doesn't alter the line spacing so you can see we end up with smaller text but it takes up the same vertical space

2) There is a 'big chunk' of margin at the bottom of the card which obscures the text if it wraps. You can see it below. There's almost two more lines of text that could fit here.

Hopefully something you might consider. I'm not going to bang the drum on this any more because it's not a big deal in the grand scheme of things :-)


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