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How to create shared mailbox but also keep a copy of email in outlook

Mark Priest

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We have created another support team in hornbill with their own shared mailbox. Email flows in and out of their fine. However we need to create a copy of the email or a forward so that a mailbox is visible in Outlook.  We had this done previously on our main support mailbox. I have looked at creating a forward in 365 but it doesnt seem to keep a copy.  Any ideas please 

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Hi Mark, 

Thanks for your post.  I believe that this might require some email server rules. There is some documentation that I found here.  When Hornbill connects via POP3 or IMAP to a mailbox, as it downloads the messages they are removed from the server.  You will need to have a forwarding rule so when an email comes into the support mailbox, it is forwarded on receipt of the email.  

Hope that helps.


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