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Is there a way for the Business Process to automatically open an external URL using a node.
What I'm looking at is for the Cloud Integration to create a Jira and then automatically opening the Jira to allow the analyst to add some finishing information if needed.

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Hi @HHH,

I'm afraid we have no method to trigger the opening of an external URL via a BPM node. The closest you will be able to get to this would probably be creating a task in the workflow and assigning it to a user to process - that task could then have a URL within it which would allow the user to open the Jira ticket details page and action appropriately.

Other options could be:

  • Writing the URL to a timeline post against the request which would send the user a notification that it needs actioning;
  • Storing the Jira ticket ID in a custom field and have a Custom Button defined to open the Jira ticket page. 



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