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Attaching FAQs to a pre-set summary

Kate Sandall

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Hi - I'm creating a self-service catalogue item with a pre-set summary (the drop-downs from a Simple List provide the summary on the call) but the FAQs associated with those topics do not appear - presumably because the summary is pre-set and not typed. Is there a way to force association somehow? Or even link to the FAQ once the selection has been made from the drop-down list?

Thanks in advance for any ideas.


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Hi Kate,

Thanks for your post.  I'm not 100% sure if the automatic presentation of FAQs works with custom progressive capture forms.  It works with the provided Details Form, Assets Form, and Service Form. 

Do you have many FAQs related to each option in the simple list?  If you only have one or two, you may find that you can includes links or information about the FAQ within the actual progressive capture forms using branches and conditions. 

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