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Enable Service Desk to easily see which Requests have links to others; enhancement request?

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In the Request List view, we'd like to be able to see which requests have other requests linked to it. Would it be possible to add a column that just shows a count of the number of requests that are linked to a request please?

Many thanks,

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Hi Alisha,

Thanks for your post.  Getting counts for individual requests for a particular field has the potential for a lot of processing being required to show this on the list.  Are you looking to highlight the impact on a request?  For example, this problem has x requests linked to it so it must have a high impact?   

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Requirement: My Service Desk have asked for a column in the Request List view to show them the linked Requests for any given Request. An example case:

  • In a Major or High Priority Incident with 50 Incidents logged to various Teams/Owners, to find quickly out which of them have already been linked to the MI master Incident and which have not; without having to open all 100 Requests that morning and clicking the Link feature to check.

A less useful requirement: If we cannot include this list, I thought even a flag of "Linked?" with a Yes/No would be a little bit useful; or perhaps a "number of Linked Requests" column?

Ideas: Is there a cunning way of a back-end process reacting to a Linked Request action by 'injecting' a RequestID to a given custom field on each Request that is Linked to another? And then the Request List could have the custom field column listed...

I guess someone will suggest a report but that's the the dynamic view that we're after; unless that report can be dynamically displayed at a linkable URL, for example?

Any thoughts appreciated

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