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How do I set a Variable Expiry of a Task to be 1 minute after the value in the variable?


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I have a change window expiry action in the workflow that escalates to me if the window passes and the change is not declared as done. My technician went to the task at 15:10 to action it but it had gone. The Scheduled End Time was 15:10... He thought he was in time.

We humans we see an expiry at 15:10 as meaning that we have got until the whole of that minute goes by - i.e. until its END at 15:11. However, the system sees the START of that minute as it's criteria for expiry. Never thought of that before.
My Expiry uses this Variable: &[global["flowcoderefs"]["resultRef"]["scheduledEndDate"]]. What node/logic do I need to use to add one minute to that time to give me a variable that is 1 minute later?
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@Berto2002 you could take a look at the Get Timestamp option which is available in the iBridge > utilities in the business process designer


This will allow you to set the scheduled end date as the Starting Timestamp, you can use the Add Operator, and then increment the value using the Minute option by one, and then use the output timestamp as the expiry.

You would of course need to use this option ahead of the window expiry action in your workflow.

Something to look at i hope

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