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Report showing asset updates

Philip Hanlon

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Im looking to create a report to show updates to assets. As we have a daily update/import from SCCM the last update is showing always as being asset import. When i remove this from filter then it shows nothing so is there a way of showing all updates to assets in a certain time frame ?


Any help appreicated

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Hi @Philip Hanlon

As Steve says, the h_sys_audit_trail may help here. However I'm interested in what kind of report you are looking for here? 
There could be multiple assets with any number of attributes that have been changed. So I'm not quite sure how this would be presented on a single report to show every change to every attribute without having every single asset attribute as a column?

Perhaps if you could describe/present what the ideal report would look like to you, it may help us advise if it's something that would be possible or not in Hornbill. 

Kind Regards


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