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Custom Button Conditions - Status Condition does not seem to work


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I reviewed this and there is little about Conditions: Custom Buttons - Hornbill. In the absence of confirmation, I assume the Conditions are "AND" conditions. The first suggestion I would make if Hornbill staff read this is you might like to add this to your Wiki if the case.

I want to show a button only when a Service Request is in New status and, while in testing, to also only show for the TEST SERVICE.

Given an assumption of AND, I set the below criteria but, the Custom Button does not show despite the Service Request being in New status and the TEST SERVICE as shown by the pairs of coloured highlights.

Note that it does show if I use only one criteria of TEST SERVICE but it does not show if I use one criteria of New Status; so it seems to me the Status Condition is either expecting a value not congruent with the on-screen value or that filter does not work.

Any help appreciated.


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And that is what is needed. Thank you. May I suggest some words on the Wiki to assist with this under the Conditions section? I guess since we have now started to look at these, if there are other 'nuances' on other fields that users might not think to use in the Conditions, these could be clarified too. I can now go ahead with my buttons.



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@Berto2002 I'll see if the wiki can be updated to cover these nuances.  The only other one which springs to mind, is that for Request Type, the value needs to be lower case so incident rather than Incident for example


The following wiki page has been updated to include a Condition Values section, this will be used to add any specific formatting needed for the values of the conditions for each app and each app entity.


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@Steven Boardman. Hi. Can I put multiple criteria in one field separated by commas or semi-colons? For example, I have a button that I wan both the Service Desk and my apps triage team to use so I'd like to enter Team Name contains: "Service Desk; Apps Triage". I would also like the status to exclude Resolved and Closed and I would like some buttons to appear on incidents and requests but not changes. I think the way to do this is to duplicate the buttons for each set of conditions but with 3 conditions I end-up with with 9 buttons to achieve the same thing, changing just one of the filters each time. Perhaps another update to the Wiki? Custom Buttons - Hornbill and enhancement to improve the filtering for AND/OR conditions.

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