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Is it possible to view Activity History?

Dave Woodhead

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I'm trying to track how a particular Activity became assigned to an inappropriate team, but cannot find anything resembling Activity history.

The Activity (a Human Task created by a Service Manager Business Process) is clearly listed in the Request timeline as assigned to the correct resolver team, but a member of a different team actioned the Activity and then asked why it had been assigned to them. There's nothing in the Request timeline (I would not expect there to be, as the Activity/Task is a distinct, albeit linked, entity.) There is also no history immediately visible in the Activity itself in ServiceManager, despite logging in as Admin.

Looking an the Application Entity Viewer, I can find Task data in h_sys_tasks (in Service Manager) but no Task History. I also located Timeline data in h_buz_activities (linking to the "parent" request via h_buz_activity_streams) but this appears (from the h_bus_acticity_streams record Names) to relate to only the top-level request types such as Incident and Service Request. h_sys_audit_trail doesn't contain anything, but that's presumably as Tasks/Activities aren't listed as an Audited entity in h_sys_audit_settings (I can't immediately find Audit settings anywhere in the Admin screens.)

Am I missing something, or is Activity/Task history not captured/accessible?

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Hi Dave,

Thanks for your post.  Activities/Tasks do not contain a history or audit trail.  They are designed as a simple entity for completing a particular task and don't require the life cycle that a request may have or need. For that reason, an audit trail hasn't been included on tasks.

Outside of the assignee of the task, someone that has been set as the owner of the task can both re-assign the task or complete it themselves.  There is also role called Advanced Request Task Completer.  This would allow anyone from a supporting team of a service to complete a task on request that is linked to that service.  


What I'm not sure of is how or where the user that completed the task was viewing this task from.  

I hope that is of some help.



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Thanks James,

We've not assigned the Advanced Request Task Completer role (in fact, I can't see it on our instance either in the System or Application-specific admin screens), so I'll go with my original assumption that someone in the original assignee team for the Task has manually reassigned it. At least now I know there's no audit/history trail I can stop scouring the screens and Entity model.



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