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"Log New Incident" Automation in Auto Task is not picking-up a workflow


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My Service Desk really want a way to "re-log" a Service Request as an Incident when users get it wrong.

I have set-up an Auto Task workflow that should do this and attached it to a Custom Button that appears for all Requests.


In the "Log Incident from Service Request" node I have this where the "Service" variable is gathered from the Get Request Information Service Name.


In the case of my test Requests, they are against the "TEST SERVICE" which has the "SYSTEM: Incident" Catalogue Item:


Can anyone help please as to why this is not picking-up the workflow I specify?

Thanks in advance



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The first thing I would do is to expose the variable you are injecting into the Service parameter so you are certain what is being passed - you can do this by putting it into a timeline update, or adding it to the Notice you post on the next node, for example.
Then double-check that this value is what the Log New Incident node is expecting.

The wiki states:


To add a Service to the new request, set to Manual and select a Service from the pick list. If a Service is specified without a Catalog Item, the BPM workflow set against this request type on the Service Configuration will be used on the new request.

so whether the use of variables is permitted on this node will probably need a comment from a Product Specialist or one of the Service Manager Developers.

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There is also the option to just raise a new linked request.  This will copy over the details from the original request and also allow for a Progressive Capture to be run so that all of the appropriate information for the new request is captures.  Once the new request is raised, the original can be cancelled, but it will still be available for reference if needed through the linked requests section.


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HI @James Ainsworth. By setting the standard workflow in Service Portfolio for a Request Type, I have managed to ensure the new Requests pick-up a workflow, thank you. This gets around the fact that the Variable for selecting the Cat Item does not seem to work; and it's also a more stable approach.

Can I leave you to query internally whether the Variable should work in Auto Tasks and feed it into the pipeline if not? I do not have a need for it now.

Thank you,


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