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Resolution Categories - Change When Reassigned


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I see that resolution categories are defined against a service.

We have received reports of instances when an incident was presumed to be one service but then the resolution was provided by a different supporting team.

That team was passed the call but they could only see the initial service's resolution categories rather than the ones used by the service the call should have been logged against.

I guess one way to deal with it is to give all services all resolution categories but that seems to negate the purpose of picking resolution categories for a service in the first place. Would it be possible when reassigning a call to present the resolution categories for the services that team supports?

I'm not sure I've explained that one too well but I'm trying to avoid a situation where the supporting team are presented with a call they cannot pick the appropriate resolution category for.

I hope this makes sense, if there is something obvious I am missing here please let me know.


Many thanks

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We often find people select the wrong Service when logging and we cannot move it. But that is a bigger problem.

+1 for this with the following suggestion: If another Service is Linked to a Request, then the Resolution categories can derive from either the Primary Service or any Linked Service. I've tested this and it is not the case. This would allow Alex and the rest of us to categorise them correctly.


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