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Progressive Capture - Label prominence


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When defining a label in a progressive capture it seems to default to a faded grey, it is trying to be less prominent than the rest of the text.

I understand that it is intended to not take focus away from the question however there are instances where the label is delivering information that needs to be equally or more prominent.

Currently, I can work around this by using markup but it would be more practical if there were an option within the label to pick between alert (red/bold), bold and basic (grey).

I have not yet needed a label to present information in grey, only needed it to show prominently so thus far I have needed to manually set markup for every label, this would certainly save time.

Many thanks!

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As I cant see any update on this I thought I would also ask.

How can we make the text black (Same as the question text). We are trying to use a label to give a customer important information in an Intelligent Capture flow. 


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Guest Paul Alexander

+1 for the option of making this text more prominent. 

We can use the wiki-markup to italicize or make it bold, but we would like something a bit bolder and darker! We use labels for instructions and information which is quite pertinent to the request, so having the option of making the text darker and easier to read would be good for us.

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