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Request owner picture in email template

Alberto M

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Hi all.

We have some of our email templates - mostly the ones used to send email messages from requests and notifications of updates in requests to the users - where we have set the request owner picture. We found this to be important, as the contact with the users became more - how can we say? - personal, more face-to-face.

For this, we use a "trick" that, after the recent removal of PHP from the Hornbill, it doesn't work anymore. We were using this html within our email template:


From what I've understood, now, even if I use the analyst image URL, it doesn't work unless you are logged in into Hornbill - for security reasons - which will not happen to most users that aren't navigating in Hornbill and receive the email using Outlook.

Is there someone here using the analysts images in email templates using a successful method for this?

Thanks and regards,




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If you're using Outlook and the email comes from the Analyst's address you could import the User's profile picture into Active Directory and turn on the sharing of profile pictures from there.

If not, you can store the profile images on a webserver that all your Customers have access to, with the filename as (for example) the UserId and build the link in a similar way.

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