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Authorisations approval weight by Role?

Paul Alexander

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OK...bear with me....

What I'm looking for is a way to set up an Authorisation activity, where the 'weighting' is set up by the approvers' role.

So, for instance, we have Change Requests which need 3 approvals - one from the Ops Team, one from the Solutions Engineering Team and one from the Change Manager. We need all 3 approvals to be able to proceed. I think that this should be in one Authorisation node with weighting set so that all 3 response need to be returned before moving on, and, if any one of the Approvals is 'rejected' then the request is cancelled (or whatever).

We have 2 people who could Approve from the Ops Team 

We have 2 people who could Approve from the Solutions Engineering Team

We have 2 people who could Approve from the Change Managers' team.

In each of these cases only one person from each team should approve each Authorisation task.

So, my idea was to add the approvers by role, and give each role a percentage approval weighting. But it looks like this isn't possible in one Authorisation task? 

I wanted to do it this way so that it simplified what happens if people leave or change role, and also so that, if someone is on holiday etc, then their Authorisation task won't sit there waiting for them to return before the approval can move on.


Is this possible? At the moment I can only see that Authorisation tasks can be assigned to a specific user. This doesn't really work for what we need as, if we set each approver to have 40% weighting (for instance - so that we'd need 3 approvals - one from each team - before moving on) and assign the tasks to all 6 people (above) then if say 2 Ops people and 1 Solutions Engineer all approve, then we've hit the 100% threshold but we still don't have anyone from Change Managers' team approving.


Am I overthinking this or missing something obvious?! 



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Hi @Paul Alexander

It is possible, it's just hidden away.. The below forum post has all the info you need. I would give all members of the teams mentioned above either the specific assignment role or a custom group, which will keep it simple for adding and removing users, however you mention exactly 6 approvers so if you go down the majority route it may need some tweaking as it'll be exactly half if one from each team approves... it's 50-50 




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15 hours ago, Martyn Houghton said:

@Paul Alexander

Not sure this would work, but as a work around could you have three Authorisation Task in parallel one for each team?



Thanks @Martyn Houghton

This DOES work, but it's not very 'elegant' as, if one 'rejects' the Change then we still have to wait for the others to update their own approval before the process can move on. I did try to 'end' the process if one rejection is made, but I then get the error that I've violated the parallel processing by 'breaking the chain' or something similar. 


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Hi again

It looks like that node almost does what I'm after - although I'm not sure I was very clear in my description above...

I need there to be 3 approval 'roles' for each Authorisation Node, and only one person from each 'role' would need to update the task (so the task should be setup the same as a 'normal' Authorisation Node, but instead of Owners, I'd like there to be Roles with the same weighting options as are currently on offer). The problem with adding a group with ALL of the approvers in to one of these nodes is that 2 people from the same 'role' could approve the same thing, which negates the whole process!




As @Martyn Houghton mentioned above, I could have 3 Authorisation Nodes in parallel, but I then can't stop the process if any ONE node is marked as Rejected.




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