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Enhancement: Add Related Entity Summary to the Activities column chooser please


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My teams don't find the Activities list as useful as it should be because it shows only the Activities details and the reference to the main Request. It should be a view Agents always use but, in reality they don't, because it's got a flaw.

You see, when you have multiple Requests of the same Type and in the same Stage, you can't tell which is which because all the Tasks have the same Title and Details...

What we desperately need is to have the Related Entity Summary available in the field chooser so an Agent can evaluate which Task to address based on the update they have available or the one they want to work on.

Do others agree? Or am I missing something for another way to display this?


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Hi Berto2002,

Rather than this being seen as a workaround, what's being provided it is highly flexible and powerful solution that will fit many different use cases.  Not everyone is going to want to replicate the summary of a request within the title of the task.  You can take most any part of a request to construct the task title.  As one request may contain many tasks and each task within that request may also want a unique title.  The variables offer the greatest amount of flexibility to suit everyone's individual needs.  Variables can also be used to create the contents of the task description.  

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