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Questions from my developer regarding accessing the Hornbill API

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In our prior helpdesk, we had triggers from a propriatary HR database that produced requests.  We have decided to reproduce that functionality in Hornbill by modifying the code in the triggers to access the Hornbill API.  So someone ends their employment, HR changes their status to terminated, and that kicks off the creation of a Termination request in Hornbill.  We call them Terminations whether the employee initiated the separation, or the company did.  Our development team, who have not ever worked with Hornbill, other than manually entering & servicing requests (no automation or API experience yet), sent me a few questions.  I was pleased that I (maybe) knew the answer to one of them.  The questions asked were:

1. The specs seem to indicate that they are expecting a SOAP WS call – Can we find out if Hornbill can accept RESTFul call with a JSON payload?

2. On the response they send, can they respond via JSON objects? Or only XML response?

3. Do they need to be called via secure web service? If so we may need to know the authentication un/pw?

I think #3 is that they need to use an API Key that I generate for the account we want to use for authentication.  No idea on #s 1 & 2.


Thanks in advance for any clarification you may be able to provide.

Kevin K.


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