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Additional Service Portfolio Status - Archived to current Draft, Published & Retired

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Can we request a new additional Portfolio Status value for Service.

At the moment when you set a Service to a portfolio status to 'Retired' the service is no longer visible on the portals or live user app, but also the customer can no longer search for or view their previous requests under the service by the historic URL link.

Can we ask that a new 'Archived' status is added, which has the same impact on visibility of the service the portals/live user app, but the requests logged under the service are still included in the portal request search and historic request URL links.


In the real world operation of the Service Catalog, there will be many service changes which will necessitate the 'archiving' of services, but it is important that co-workers/customers can still access their historic requests.




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+10 from me (not sure if a 10 will add more to the weighting than a 1 :) ) - I have the same situation where I have retired some Services and find the same issue where the historic requests are no longer viewable. Great shout Martyn 

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