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Increase character limit for Simple List Values


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In the request details, I found a good use case for having a Custom field (B) set up to point to a simple list which holds the URL for the Support Portal.  This goes hand in hand with the External Reference number.  I could open the Support Portal website defined in Custom Field B via a Custom Button without having to go to my favourites or hunt around for the URL.

Here is what the Simple List looks like:


However, I have come across something odd...

If add to / update the Simple List via the Design view of the Request Details, I can add in a URL as long as I want, and it will apply... but if I add in the URL directly into Administration -> Simple Lists, I simply do not have enough characters in some cases.

Via Simple Lists it looks like the character limit is 64 characters, but to use the bottom URL as an example (added via the Design view of the request details) this URL contains 78 characters.

Please can the character limit of the Value field be extended to 130 or more as I think we have some Support Portal URL's that are almost as long as that.




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