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Update Request > Service node queries

Martyn Houghton

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Related to our enhancement request (link below) on Data Query for Services/Catalogs, can I ask for clarification on the logic applied to the Update Request > Service node.


  • The default 'Service' option is left as the default option of 'Auto' and the Catalog Item is supplied, given the one to one relationship between Catalog and Service will it 'Auto' populate the Service?
  • Will the node have a failure outcome if the co-worker/contact of the request is not subscribed either directly or through there groups/organisation to the service/catalog provided?




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Just in case anyone comes this way, at the moment you cannot specify only a Catalog Name , you have to supply a valid pair of ServiceID and Catalog Name for the node to work. Also Catalog Name does not have to be unique where as CatalogID as per the linked enhancement request below would be.



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