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New Request missing from Search


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A customer logged a new request at 14:10, then followed it up with an email. I'm attempting to apply the email to the request, but it's not finding the Request, despite me checking the reference is correct. I also cannot find the Request by reference if I use the search bar at the very top of Hornbill. It's now 14:33 and I still can't find the Request. I've tried in both Chrome and Edge.

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Sounds like there is a delay in the indexing of new requests into the global search index.

If you use the CTRL+SHIFT+F option to launch the Quick Search this does not use the global search but goes straight to the request, so this should work even if the global search index is not working.

Are you still unable to find it by the global search option as it should only take a couple of mins to get added.



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