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Add Report Date to Report

Sam P

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I have customised a standard Hornbill report to show me all Star Ratings received last month.  The results are fine, but can I customise the report to show which month its referring to without using any date reference columns in the results?  Or is there a way to add the date that the report was run? 

At the moment whilst the results are different on each report, there's no way of knowing which reporting period it relates to by looking at the report in isolation.


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Still looking to see if this is possible - to refer to the date / time the report was generated in the report itself, suggestions could be:

- appending the report date/time to the generated file name, e.g. All Incidents Logged Yesterday_xxx_20220118_0900.xlsx
- in the case of the spreadsheets, naming the report Sheet with the above, instead of Sheet 1
- simply adding the Report Run Date to the footer of the document

When reports are viewed in isolation (when separated from the email for example) there is no way to tell when the report was generated.

Thanks in advance

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@Victor thanks I hadnt seen this post before...however all of my reports are scheduled and do not have user prompted values so I think I still have the same problem of not knowing when the report was run just by looking at the report.

Could it be considered for development? 

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