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Anchor's within FAQ's

Emily Patrick

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I'm struggling with the use of anchors within a FAQ.  The FAQ in question was copied over from elsewhere with anchors in, which worked in the last place, and will go back to the old place when clicked from the new FAQ.  

I've tried updating the 'contents' area and with the name of the anchor from within the document, but it's not taking me to that part of the document when clicked. 

I've checked my understanding via google, and what I can see in the source code appears to be right.  

I've tried creating a new FAQ with anchors in to see if it's because it's an existing FAQ and I'm not getting very far with it either.  I use the anchor option at the top of the window, and it still won't jump down to another part of the same document.  I even tried using the source code to no avail either. 

Does anyone have any idea on how I can get the anchors to work as expected please? Or has anyone else experienced this issue?


Thank you

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@Deen Do you have an update on this? I know a colleague of mine has raised this within the portal as an issue too. I believe the link to this post was provided as part of that ticket, to show we've had issues with it for a long time! 


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