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SSO setup issues


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Hi Guys - we are trying to configure our SSO to work with O365, 

we have followed the instructions, but are getting an error as below, which looks like its expecting the sso.hornbill.com URL as an identifier, but the 'Patterns' suggestion against the app says nothing about this? if we add in SSO.*** as per the pattern (https://<SUBDOMAIN>.hornbill.com/<INSTANCE_NAME>), it prompts for a sign in, and an MFA prompt, but then gives an error message about the reply URL not matching (3rd picture) 


anyone got any ideas please? we are not sure if our identifiers are incorrect? or if something else is amiss - 


many thanks 








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Hi @Gary@ADL

Sorry we missed this, we are currently trying to update the documentation with Microsoft as the details there are out of date.
The metadata is available to download in the admin tool under System >  Security > SSO Profiles but I don't think its possible import this in O365, the pattern for the entity Id and Reply Url is as follows.

Entity Id: https://sso.hornbill.com/[INSTANCE NAME]/[STREAM]
Reply Url: https://[API DOMAIN].hornbill.com/[INSTANCE NAME]/xmlmc/sso/saml2/authorize/user/[STREAM]

So for example in your case this would be:



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