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Assigning Human Tasks to Ticket Owner

Sam P

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I have a BP which includes a number of sequential Human Tasks, each of which should be dynamically assigned to the Ticket Owner.   I have an example where the ticket itself has been reassigned in between task generation but the subsequent tasks are still being assigned to the original owner.  Is this by design?  Is there a way the un-generated tasks can be assigned to the owner at the point of generation?  Thanks.


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@Sam P looking at this i would think that all the task nodes are using the same / original Get Request Information  node to decide who the owner of the ticket is?  If you add a Get Request Information node in front of each task, and use these for their related task, it will look up who the owner is at that point in time, rather than relying on an OLD get request information node, which would return who the owner was at the point in the business process when it was called.

So just add a Get Request Information node in front of each task node, and use the variable picker to insert the owner from that node rather than a Get Request Information node from earlier in the process

Hope that helps

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