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Changing Impact

Jamie Talbot

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I was just wondering if it is possible to set the impact of a ticket without doing an impact assessment?


I am trying to create a new flow structure which sets the impact based on the answers a user inputs within the progressive capture.


Any ideas would be much appreciated.


Best Regards


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Hi Jamie,

I too was looking to set Impact within a BPM without an analyst having to do an impact assessment, but there currently is no way to use a customers input to complete an impact assessment (I was hoping to ask the customer the assessment questions and use this to complete the impact assessment nodes in a BPM).

Instead I have setup impact questions on a number of our services that the customer completes in the PC, then we use this data to set the same custom fields across all Services where we can populate this using logic in the BPM. Currently we use this to set 5 custom data fields: Impact / Urgency / Business Critical / Clinical or Non Clinical Area (we are a large NHS Trust) / Impacting Patient Care. Our Analysts then use this in a configured request list view to review and prioritize requests. Some of these fields are just set just using the customers answer (like Yes/No), and some we set in the BPM by setting the Custom Field Value dependent on a matrix.

I have suggested an enhancement to get impact assessment to be an option for the customer to answer questions, and then use the inbuilt Impact Assessment node in a BPM, rather than it just being an Analyst to do it when required. We have a large number of requests coming in and to get the Analysts to impact assess everything would be onerous and repetitive so getting this automated has been very beneficial to their available time.

Setting it up was a bit of a pain as I had to go through and remap some custom data fields that I had already assigned for another reason just so the fields were the same values across all Services, but once setup this data combined with the priority / SLA data in the tailored request list view ensures our Analysts pick up the and action the most critical / important requests ahead of any lower priority work.

Happy to show it in action if required 

Many thanks

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