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Service Manager Reports Overview - Additional Columns


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While recreating reports which were created by a colleague who has since retired I have noticed that the filter within service manager reports is a bit limited.


It would be really useful to see which of the reports are scheduled and what the schedule status is (ie running, expired, failed) so you can easily identify which of a list of hundreds of reports require attention.

It would be even better to see next scheduled run and report recipients too

If these were added to the columns I imagine the filter would then be able to pick them up.

I would imagine these additions would be useful for other areas of reporting also.

Many thanks

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Thank you Mary, that's really useful!

It's a good overview of what's working which is great, sadly it isn't showing anything that's not working which is what I'm looking for.

I have reports in a failed state under scheduling which don't show on the Scheduled Jobs page and those are the ones I need to quickly identify and manually fix.

I guess I could use a process of elimination with two tabs but easier if I can just see the status from reporting in the first place.

Many thanks

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