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Tasks using GMT dates

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Hi, I have a date / time captured in Progress Capture Questions which I then use to populate Details and Tasks via the Business Process. Unfortunately this is then coming through as GMT not BST, which is causing confusion for the authoriser. It shows correctly in Questions but not in Tasks or when I append to Details. How can I get it to use the current time zone and not zulu?








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Guest Yodit

Hi @Caroline , you will need to wrap the time variable within the task with [ ] - see example below. This will populate the local time (i.e. BST) as opposed to the raw UTC time. 




More info can be found in the "Date Formatting" section of this wiki markup page here : https://wiki.hornbill.com/index.php?title=Wiki_Markup

Let me know how this goes :)


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On 8/5/2021 at 9:11 AM, Caroline said:

I have a date / time captured in Progress Capture Questions

When you capture this in PCF, do you map the answer to a specific field? (e.g. map the answer to a custom field in requests)

If Yes then you can have this formatted in app and emails if No then you need to, either directly in PCF or later in the workflow. Otherwise you cannot format the value to a specific time zone.


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3 minutes ago, Caroline said:

Currently we are taking the PCF answer and putting it directly into the Auto Authorisation details

The issue for emails, when done this way, is that as far as the email is concerned that date/time is just a string so HB will have no idea that it needs to be formatted nor will know how to format it. So it needs to come for a specific date/time field. So I would suggest mapping or storing this value in a dedicated date/time custom field. Then you can output this field in an email template. The field can then be formatted to the system timezone.

General info about PCF


List of available custom fields and their type


General info about email templates including formatting for custom fields


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