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user cant see change management service

Anthony Albon

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I have set up change management under a separate service and it works fine for me and my team. However, members of our infrastructure team cant see the service when they try to create a change, they get this:




Can anyone assist in resolving this, thanks


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Hi Anthony,

When I see this it normally just indicates they are either not subscribed to the Change Service / are missing change roles / not a member of the Change team (if one setup) or a combination of all 3 depending on how your Change Service is configured, so I would double check this for the other team myself

Many thanks

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Hi Anthony,

Thanks for your post.  I'd start with the Customer and the difference between Supported By and Subscribers.

On a Service the Supported By option this should contain the teams that will be fulfilling the changes.  Having this set to be supported by all teams is fine.  In order for members of these teams to raise changes they will need the appropriate Server Manger roles for change management.

The Subscriptions on a service are typically the users or customers that you are fulfilling the changes for.

In the screen shot that you provided I see that there is a customer (Subscriber) that was selected in the first step of progressive capture. There will also be someone that is raising this change (Support By team member).  There is some logic within Progressive Capture that determines what is displayed on each form based on previous selections.  In your example because a customer has been selected using the Customer Progressive Capture form, the Service Details form is looking a the services that the customer is subscribed to.  Even if the person raising the request is a member of the Support by team has the rights and roles to raise changes, they are not seeing the service, because this customer they are raising it against is not subscribed to the service.  If the Customer Progressive Capture form is removed, the Supported By team member should then see all the services.

Customers are not a requirement for changes, but if you do want to capture customers for changes, then you need to make sure that they are subscribers to this service. 

 There is a setting that can override this behaviour and show both the services that the user subscribes to and the services that Supported By team member supports, but keep in mind that this is a global setting and it may impact how other teams work when raising requests.


I hope that helps.  Let me know if you have any questions.






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