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Bulk Contact Importing


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Good morning,

Can you please help clarify whether or not the SQL Contact Import process can be used to bulk import external users as Guest Accounts while setting their Logon IDs and confirming access to the relevant portal? 

I have taken a look through a number of Wiki pages but could not find a clear answer for this.

Thank you,


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The SQL Contact Import wiki page has a demo config file showing how to set these options.

I believe the lines you are looking for are:

"AttachCustomerPortal": true, /* options : true/false ; whether contact is allowed to enter the customer portal */

and, under "ContactMapping"



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As per @Steve Giller response, we regularly use the SQL Contact Importer to both import and also update external contacts including their setup/permission for access via the Customer Portal. We specify the the 'logon_id' field as their email address (note has to be unique).

There are a number of settings at the top of the conf file to control the customer portal permissions.

"AttachCustomerPortal": true,
"CustomerPortalOrgView": true,
"CustomerPortalOrgViewRevoke": false,

Note, these permissions apply to all the contacts being imported, therefore if you have different sets of permissions, you need to do them a separate runs of the import tool.




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