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HR & Finance Service Manager - Hornbill adaptation


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Good Afternoon,


We currently use Hornbill Service Manager at Milton Keynes Council IT, to log, process and record all issues raised by council officers.

We also have the Employee Portal, currently only available internally (only the council network as it requires Office 365 authentication) which is used by council officers to log these issues for investigation, monitor the progress of their tickets and also contains a FAQ area for useful IT information.

**Officers can log in on a private connection, using a personal device, but only if they log in using their email and password not using SSO**


A proposal has been put forward by the councils Finance and HR departments to bring in these to service areas into our existing IT instance of Hornbill Service manager, under our current subscription.


To bring in both Finance and HR, the setup must meet the following conditions:


  • Tickets must be kept separate and in their own queue from the existing IT tickets
  • Must be accessible to technicians in HR and Finance across domains – HR and Finance officers are spread across a mixture of Milton-keynes.gov.uk domains as well as Northampton and Cambridge domains
  • It needs to be accessible to those mixed domain officers using SSO


Is this possible?

What additional components are required to make this work?

What are the issues with this setup?



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Thanks for the question.  This is exactly what Hornbill is built to do, we have many customers that do exactly what you are describing, and there is no additional modules required to achieve this.  The only consideration for additions here would be to budget for: -

* Any help you need from our customer success team in terms of onboarding your finance team, getting them trained, getting their processes initially built and generally getting them comfortable so they can become self-sufficient.  We can do as little or as much of this as you would need us too, or if you are comfortable with the solution you can do it all yourself of course.
* You will need a number of additional user subscriptions for those users that will need access to Hornbill in the same way as your current team(s) have access. 

There are no issues with this sort of setup, we can segregate requests, queues and data in pretty much any way you would need, the security and visibility model implemented on the Hornbill platform is both highly flexible and very robust.  

Best thing to do would be to engage with one of our customer success folks and discuss what you want to do, I am sure we can get you up and running quickly. 


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Thank you @Gerry for your quick and comprehensive reply!!

I've had Hornbill Customer Success get in touch with me by email today and I've have got them in contact with our IT Business Solutions Manager and our Desktop Manager to discuss the exact requirements

Thank you again for being extremely helpful and pointing me the right direction 

Cheers again


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