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Appending data strips whitespace

Dave Woodhead

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I have a Business Process which populates a Custom Field over several steps (as different content is required according to the user's selections in the associated PCF.)

I am using an Update Request activity in a Hornbill Automation node and have set the "Append Text" property to Yes, but any trailing whitespace at the end of existing Custom Field content or at the start of the data being appended to the Custom Field is being removed, so the appended text appears immediately after the exiting text.

I am having to include a line with just a full stop at the start of the appended text where I want the appended text to appear on a new line. 

Is it possible to append data without leading and trailing whitespace being trimmed?

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Thanks Victor. That will be a slight improvement on adding a visible character. As I'm appending some text as a continuation of previous data and some a new lines, I appreciate it's impossible to keep everybody happy!

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