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URGENT: Missing Catalog Items!

Josh Bridgens

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Hi Josh,

Can you show the page before the catalog config showing mainly the right hand side area and the page displaying the services but not the catalog items and what that looks like.  Also, did you have Services appearing before or is this the first time publishing these Catalogs.

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Hi @Josh Bridgens

can I ask you to inspect the browser console when you click into the service. Depending on the root of the problem, something may be shown here in the form of a red error.

The browser console can be opened by pressing F12, and then click on the tab labelled "console". Once you've selected this proceed to click the service in My Services (which should take you to your available catalog items) and see if anything appears.

The image shows how this appears in Chrome but other browsers have a slightly different interface, however the principle is still the same.



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Hi, one of my Users has highlighted what looks like a similar issue today - one of our services has a total of 7 catalogue items - however on the Employee portal only 1 item is showing and when raising internally can only see this one item. Nothing has been changed on the Service, and all catalogue items are set as Both so should be on portal, and available via the Raise New Tab. 

I will check further to see if other Services are impacted and update again shortly

Many thanks

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