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Ticket dependant on a sub ticket before it can be resolved.

Mark (ESC)

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Is it possible to have a ticket dependant on a sub ticket before it can be resolved.

We have a new starter process that relies on actions from four different teams within our HornBill Service Manager structure.

Is it possible to have a master ticket, which is then dependant on other tickets being resolved/closed before the master ticket itself can be resolved.

Bit like a parent - child relationship.

Thanks in advance.


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This concept works where you have a master ticket and use Activites, there is a setting to stop the request being resolved unless all activities are complete.

Only issue we have is you need view the activities in a different location to the Service Request (unless the request is with you)....also you don't get an email notification of an activity being assigned to you (or your team).

So if we could do this with linked requests I would say + 1 for us


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@Mark (ESC) there isn't a setting to control this as per the activities on a single request, however there are some techniques which could work for you depending on the sequence of events the various teams need to perform.

For example - On the primary request you could use the Lock business process action, for the Resolve action - thus not making it possible to manually resolve the request, until such a time as the Resolve action is Unlocked by the business process.

If the teams work in a sequential order, the primary request can Auto Log the first Linked Request, then be put into a Suspend - Await Update state again using the business process options, and this can include a specific textual update it is waiting for.

The first linked request, in it's business process can complete it's actions, and then automate the Update Linked Requests business process options to pass a specific textual update to the primary request (which it is waiting for), the primary request can then auto spawn the next linked request, and be put back into a Suspend - Await Update for the next linked ticket and so on, until all sequential team actions are performed, and then the primary request's business process can either Unlock the Resolve action, or auto-resolve from the business process itself.

This works fine for sequentially ordered processes, but becomes complicated where parallel of actions is needed - and for this the approach Nasim mentions above with activities (Tasks) maybe the way to go.

Anyway perhaps this is useful in your scenario.

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