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Single Sign on Issue with Chrome from this afternoon

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We seem to be experiencing an issue after lunch today, for those users who had logged out over lunch and then attempting to sign back in with single sign on in Chrome. Those of us who did not logout over lunchtime have continued to work unaffected. If they switch Brower to MS Edge they are able to login fine.

Basically after completing the SSO authentication they are just returned to the sign page again where they started, with no errors reported at all.

I am able to replicate it when attempting to open a new session in incognito window in Chrome, whilst still having my original connection from this morning open on my main Chrome session.

Not sure if this is specific to us or something related to the recent updates today.





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Hi @Martyn Houghton

The fix applied yesterday required reimporting the SAML metadata from hornbill onto the customers IDP and creating a fresh SSO profile in hornbill as well, in the meantime we are looking into how we can put in place a mitigation for the problem with redirecting the old saml configuration


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