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UI Bug fix requested': Link Asset tabs are INVISIBLE in Dark Mode


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Hi, I had a user report today that they could not link assets to their Changes because there was no option to do so.

On inspection, we found them by moving the mouse around and watching for the change in cursor. When clicked, the tabs appear.

This has manifest today because you've pushed the new UI into Live for us and the users in Dark Mode had not raised a Change in the Preview.

Please can you update the colour-scheme for the Dark Mode to ensure the Link Asset tabs are visible; as they were in Dark Mode prior to the UI update.

In the meantime I have informed our users it's still there and they can revert to light mode if they want to; but with the trend into dark, they won't like that for long :0-

Dark version. You an only see "Search" because we clicked it.


Normal version with all the tabs showing:



Thank you


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