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How can I remove CRs from the Change Calendar?


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Each time we test our Change process and raise a test CR (Test PCF, Test BPM, Test Service, test Catalogue Item) it still adds an entry to the Change Calendar. This pollutes the view. Since we cannot create bespoke views (i.e. I cannot tell my users to set-up a default view that excludes CRs on the Test Service), I need a way to remove CRs from that Schedule. I could not find a method for this on the Wiki page. Can anyone help please? Change Calendar - Hornbill

Is the only way to do this to go into each affected CR and Remove from the Schedule? i.e. we cannot see this like the Boards where we can remove without affecting the underlying data?

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Hi Berto2002,

As you mentioned, the only way to remove a change from the change calendar is to remove the schedule on each change that you don't want listed.  The calendar should only show a user the changes that are associated to services that they support.  What do you have set up on your test service for supporting teams?

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Hi. I think the issue is that quite a few of us work on the Test Service so we see these and they get in the way. There are options to see only changes for certain services but there are not options to not see changes for certain services. I have taken a manual action to remove the schedule from all our test service changes for the last two months and will need to do that at the end of each test cycle.

Enhancement suggestion: Allow users to customise the list of services they see the changes for and save.

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