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Can I alter the PCF answers through workflow after logging?


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Hi. One of the questions in our Change PCF is "will there be an outage". We rely on that answer to drive workflow.

But after initial assessment, we sometimes find they answered that incorrectly as in, "oh, yeah, if we do that it will cause an outage!".

Can I alter the PCF answer so the subsequent workflow then follows a new path? I ask because there is this workflow choice (in AutoTasks) and wondered if I'm somehow missing a trick for an 'update question' option.


If this is not possible I guess my main option is to alter my workflow to map the PCF answer to a custom field on logging and rely on that throughout workflow instead of the answer itself. That way I can make other nodes update it if necessary.

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Hi Berto,

At the moment there is only the option to delete ALL the questions/answers.  And not individual questions/answers.  This was provided for customers that would like to use progressive capture to drive or support their workflow, but they don't need to see the questions sections. 

As you suggested and as some other users configure this is to create custom fields for all the important details that they want to capture and possibly change.  You can map progressive capture fields to custom fields on a request record.  Once they are in a field, they can be changed through the details section of the request.

Users are able to manually edit answers that are contained within a text field.  This was added so that if there was a situation where a customer has manually typed something like a password or something inappropriate, it can be removed.

Hope that helps,


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@James Ainsworth in one area, we have a single BP that processes output from multiple different PCFs. In that BP, I have an External Authorisation node in which I want to 'paste' the questions and answers gathered from the PCF that was used so that the approving person can see all the information relevant in the email (because the webpage they go to to give the authorisation does not display any of that). I cannot be prescriptive about exactly what PCF items to paste because they are variable and numerous.

Can I use a "generic" variable that 'pastes' all the questions and answers from whatever PCF was used? The two options are shown below but "outcome" seems a little generic and "Progressive Capture Answers" (which sounds perfect) has a bit warning on the help text that it's system only...


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