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Decision - Custom expression for Line manager approvals

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We are exploring options for automating approvals for service requests that require Line Manager approval. 

We have a specific challenge we are trying to figure out



Service request - Account extension request

We have designed the Progressive capture so the request can be logged by anyone (line manager, HR, Colleague). Very simple form is asking two things:

1 - Who needs their account extending.

2- For how long.

For all Hornbill users, we DO have the line manager field populated.


Desired result:

A decision in the workflow that says:

if the 'customer' equals the value of the Line Manager field for the person listed in question 1 - DO NOT SEEK Line Manager approval


If the customer DOES NOT EQUAL the value of the Line Manager field for the person listed in question 1 - Move to a Line Manager authorisation mode.


Any help steering us in the right direction would be greatly received.




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Hi Paul,

Yes, I believe this is feasible.  

The first node in the BPM will be the Get Request Information -> Customer Details.  This will give you the customer of the request including their full name, IDs, etc which will help with your expression on the decision node later on.



The second node in the BPM that you will need is the Get Request Information -> Progressive Capture Answers.  This will get the name of the person that was provided in your question 1.  I would be interested to know how you have this field set up in Progressive Capture set up as this could slightly change the approach.  You need to be able to get the User ID from the progressive capture answer in order to look up their manager.  If in progressive capture you are using a custom form that has a Dynamic Drop Down selection for users, it will provide this.



Next is a node is to look up the manager of the person entered in Progressive Capture.  You have to change the application to Hornbill Collaboration to then select Users -> Get User Manager Details.  You will need to populate the User ID field using a variable.  Switch this field from Auto to Variable.   When selecting the variable in the Variable Picker, that stores the name of the person captured in Progressive Capture, you need to use the Raw Value to get the ID.  




At this point you should now have the information about the Manager of the person that was entered in progressive capture.  Next you would add your decision node and start to set up your custom expression.   It may look a little like this one where I'm comparing the ID of the customer with the ID of the Manager.



Your workflow may look a little like this....



Lots to take in. Let me know if you need any help or if you have any questions about the configuration of this. 



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