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Unable to suspend - wait for authorisers when authorisers are multiple and manually selected in a change request

Adam Toms

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Hi All,

We have a particular change request which requires two authorisers before being reviewed by the our change management team. Due to leave and the authorisers work loads, we want this still to be a manual selection of the two authorisers (as they may differ) We have found that when authoriser approves rather than waiting for the second it will continue onto the next step.

I understand that if these authorisers were always the same and known, we could alter the weighting of the approval, and set each one to 50%, but as mentioned above this wouldn't work for us.

I have checked out Service Request BPM, which places the ticket on hold, but as changes do not have an SLA, there would be no reason for the change to be placed on hold.

Is there another way of being able to add suspend wait for authorisation to occur?

Below is a screenshot of the suspend node, to allow the authorisers to be manually selected, but there doesn't seem to be a similar process for suspend await authorisation:



Any help would be gratefully received.


Kind Regards


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Hi Adam,

Once an authorisation is sent out, this in itself acts as a suspend.  The Wait for List of Approvers node needs to be followed by an Auto Assign Authorisation node.  This video shows how it works in the UI and also shows the setup of the two nodes in the BPM designer.  Let me know if this helps.


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Just a follow up to this. I have tested with the config in the bpm node as highlighted in the video, and I can confirm this works perfectly for us whether we have one or two peer reviewers selected and chosen manually just as we needed. Thanks again to @James Ainsworth for your help with this. We'll be putting this into our live change bpm later this week.

Thanks again


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