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New UI - Layout of Service Pages on the employee portal


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With the current portal, service offerings are presented in a grid format where the employee can see all offerings on the page without scrolling. In the the new UI offerings are presented as a list where the user needs to scroll to see all offering available. Is it possible to present these as a grid view, so as much can be displayed on the page as possible?

The problem we anticipate is, if users have to scroll, they are more likely to pick one of the first offerings without looking at the other. This could potentially mean request submitted on the wrong template.

For example please see attached. Our first offering is "Report a fault", without being visually presented the whole list we feel user will just select this as the first item they see. with the old layout we can see 9 offerings, but with the new layout we can only see 4. 

new_old layout.PNG

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