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Card Information on Boards being randomly lost and created


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I have seen two issues of random Card content behaviour

1. We a BP that adds Summary and Service to the Card that shows on our Change Management Board.

However, when I refresh my browser session, only the Summary Remains. The Service name has gone! I have attached an after photo (and a mock-up of the before as it had gone!)

This is where we specify the Add Card to the Board information:


After the above, there are other nodes to move the card (as below) but I expect the Card's information to be permanent through that move. In this case, the Card did move and did take the information with it to the new lane UNTIL I refreshed the browser; then it reverted to only Summary again. A move Card example:


2. Later in the process the Service and Scheduled Start and End dates re-appeared in the Card without me having a node that specifies them! It was as if they were picking-up a cached version from a previous test ticket because the Start and End dates will be added later in the BP; but not yet.

Here is the CR now showing the four fields but the Start and End dates/times DO NOT RELATE TO THIS CR! All I have done in this workflow is MOVE operations.


Here is that CR in the UI with the correct dates:


And again, if I refresh the browser, the information disappears:



I believe the Board/Card behaviour has issues and I think I should log these as bugs with Premier Support?


Screenshot 2021-07-22 104721a.png

Screenshot 2021-07-22 104721.png

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Hi @Berto2002

By default service manager cards sync data from the servicemanager record there were raised in relation too, I think this could be causing the issues you are seeing as you are trying to customise the contents of the SM cards you're displaying

You can disable this syncing in the Board configuration by opening the board and clicking on the Design board icon and then clicking on the Config Board option and checking the Disable syncing data from different applications check box.  This will allow the contents you are adding in the BPM against the card to be displayed correctly.





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Hi Trevor. I have done this and will re-test. Thank you for the response.

What might I lose out on with this option checked, please? I.e. what syncs that will not now? For my awareness?

Presumably, we won't have cards not moving lanes when the BP tells them to?!

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No, Card moving by the BPM won't be effected, that will still work.  It will only mean that changes made to the original request in service manager won't be reflected on the board, e.g. so if the summary is updated in the request view you will still see the old summary on the board view

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@TrevorHarris thanks. Can you turn this post into some kind of improvement opportunity? I cannot see how my attempts to place additional information on the Card (which derive from the Service Manager Request ID) should be incompatible with a sync of that information. I'll let you know how my tests go.

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