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Issue with Reports

Darren Rose

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when running any reports in Service Manager today, if a report takes longer than 10 seconds to run then the report is blank. The file size is c.200bytes and only includes the column headers. 

If you filter the report to a much smaller result and it runs less than 10 seconds, then the reports exports as expected 

Any ideas? 


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@Darren Rose I take it we are talking about widgets here rather than actual reports?  We have looked at some of the heavier ones and the largest contains the following in the query:

h_itsm_requests.h_datelogged >= '2019-04-30 00:00:00'

Is there a need for the query to bring back requests from early 2019?  If this can be reduced to a weekly or monthly value that should significantly reduce the query time.  Also looking at the query two of the fields h_fk_servicename and h_catalog don't have indexes, you could swap them with h_fk_serviceid and h_catalog_id as that should also help to speed up the query and get it under the current threshold.

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