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Request List Highlighting By Filter


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I was wondering if it would be possible to enhance the filtering so that in addition to the filter you could colour code results that match additional criteria?

Say, for example, your filter was set to see incidents and requests, assigned to the access team that are in an open or new status.

It would be nice if you could then add a highlight for specific criteria that you could define in your view, for example, requests or incidents that have not had a response in 4 hours, those that are set with a high or major priority. I am aware you can define views for those specific types of calls and that the priority already has its own colour coded column but I think it would be useful to add colour/font highlighting to an existing view.

There may be a particular type of call that would need to be identified urgently so adding a form of highlight to them using filter options would be helpful. I am currently looking for call summaries that begin [SP] and have set up a separate view to filter calls that contain \[SP\] but I would much rather highlight them in my request list so I don't need to flick between views.

I hope this makes sense.


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