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Enhancement Request: Clever Hyperlinks for Requests that include more information and no notification numbers "(1)"


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No doubt, everyone pastes the hyperlinks to Requests into various other platforms like Outlook, Teams, SharePoint, etc. Hornbill could really help save us all time by investing in creating better hyperlinks that include the Request Summary.

At present, if I paste a ticket hyperlink, it looks like this: image.png.70c63f8d8ead89ef14c26cbece90da0d.pngThis is not very useful to people (they would ask, "what change is that?") so I always need to go back to the Request to copy and then paste the summary: "Migrate Location 1 from vrf A to Corp vrf" so we end up with "CH00011180 - Migrate Location 1 from vrf A to Corp vrf". So that's two paste operations every time. But, you know, it would be dead easy for Hornbill to code the app to format the hyperlink result to be like this automatically; and I cannot think of may use cases when that wouldn't.

We already kind of have this when we paste a link to the Boards because the Title of the Board is included in the pasted link: image.png.2243a2fc22dcd19482ab43b31fdb766f.png

The secondary suggestion is to please remove an annoyance. At present, if I have a Notification in my console, when I paste the hyperlink to the Request it gets suffixed with "(1)" and this number increments for every un-dismissed notification I have. Since pasted links are always for others, these should not be reflected in the pasted hyperlink.

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This came up again in our customer success call so updating that:

1) it's annoying that cut and paste links always have the number of notifications that user had outstanding at the time at the time they took the copy

2) it would be so so so useful if pasting the link also contained the SUMMARY of the Request

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