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Hornbill to ServiceNow Integration: Permission Issues

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We are currently working to integrate Hornbill with ServiceNow; however, due to an error relating to user permissions, we cannot proceed.

The user configured for us in ServiceNow has been given the “sn_customerservice_agent" role - which is deemed more than adequate to raise basic tickets in ServiceNow. 

However, every time we try and raise a Case ticket in ServiceNow via the API, we receive the following error message:


We replicated the API via the Postman app and successfully raised multiple tickets in ServiceNow. This being the case, our ServiceNow contact was under the impression that Hornbill may be requiring additional permissions to complete the process.

In order to test all scenarios, this user was given the “admin” role. This ‘rectified’ our issues and we were able to raise the required tickets in ServiceNow (giving Admin is not an option in the Production version).

I wanted to see if anyone here has experienced anything similar and if so, which additional ServiceNow permission did your users require?

Kind regards,

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Hi @aykut.boyraz,

From what I understand SN uses a basic authentication structure, so it would be specific levels of security (API ACLs) configured on SN which might be interfering here.

Is there a REST_Service role of sorts which might need to be applied to the account?

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Thank you for the suggestion @SamS; we have gone ahead and tested this with a range of different roles (including any REST_Service roles) but unfortunately, we are unable to perform a successful test (yet again, this all works when tested through the Postman app). The only successful tests via Hornbill occur if the user is given an "Admin" role in ServiceNow. 

Can we possibly see the API code that's being called to possibly help diagnose the issue? 

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