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Assigning Assets to Supplier and Contracts


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Is there a way to bulk assign assets to a Supplier and Contract?

Currently it seems as though I need to assign each individual asset to the Supplier and then go in to the contract and link them.   There doesn't seem to be any way to see if an asset is already linked from the asset list, either.

Have I missed something?   If not, is there any way this process can be improved - it's not really practical when we get into larger numbers of assets.

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Hi @LouiseT,

As it happens there is currently an undocumented (read: unTESTED) feature within the DB Asset Import tool (it's been in there since v1.16.0) which allows one to connect the imported asset to a Supplier and/or a contract. It would be setting field names for "DBSupplierColumn" and "DBContractColumn" (respectively) within the "AssetIdentifier"-section - configured in the same way that "DBColumn" is defined.

In a couple of weeks it will likely be tested (possibly tweaked) and documented and officially "released". Please look out for the next version (i.e. later than v2.0.0).

Although if it works for you in v2.0.0, then please let me know - I can skip a step in testing;-)

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