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Service Level Agreements - Priorities


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Hi, We have just setup a corporate SLA for testing having seen the important message under Service Portfolio and setup rules etc.


We've linked a test service to it and logged a couple of test calls.  When using the new SLA to change the level it works fine (by clicking the MVDC SLA bit) 


However when you change the priority using the Priority (Assessment) action it doesn't change the SLA resolution time.  


For example - I've just changed the call to be a P3 Medium priority as you can see in the below screen shot however the SLA still shows 4 hours and hasn't updated.


Have I missed something?



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@Tina  three things to check

1. Have you enabled this setting?

This will allow the SL to be auto re-evaluated when a ticket like priority is changed


2. Do you have rules enabled on your Service Level, which will be automatically re-evaluated when a ticket param like priority is changed?


3. Do any of the rules in step 2 relate to priorities ? i.e have you set a rule which changes the SL if the priority is x or y

Finally the rules will be evaluated from top to bottom, and once a rule is met it will inherit that SL, so just double check there is nothing in your rules that might evaluate to true, before it hits a priority based rule in the list. 


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