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Adding a hyperlink to a Snippet with different "Text to display"

Vin B

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How do you add a hyperlink to a snippet with different "Text to display"?

We've tried various ways, including <a href="https://community.hornbill.com">Forums - Hornbill Community Forums</a> but every time it displays the URL in full rather than the hyperlinked text, so shows when the Snippet is used as;

<a href="https://community.hornbill.com">Forums - Hornbill Community Forums</a>

Rather than

Forums - Hornbill Community Forums

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@Vin B

Snippets are currently text-only, you can't use wiki markup or html to format them.

I'm not aware of an Enhancement Request to add this, so if you want to raise one please tag the post with "Enhancement" so the Community can indicate their support where appropriate.

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Any update on being able to format hyperlinks in Snippets please?

It would look a lot more professional if we could send our customers a nicely formatted link instead of a long URL, which can look quite messy.

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