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Bulk update Business Processes


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We have made a decision to implement a closure category which would link to a decision in the business process to email a specific team.

The process itself works wonderfully, the challenge we have is that using the closure category would only work if the user logged the call via a catalogue item that utilised the business process with that automation built into it. What we would like to do is implement this across our BPs and wondered whether there is a better way to do this than updating each of our BPs manually.

In addition, if this becomes beneficial to the business then other departments may ask for the same functionality and so we may need to make further bulk updates in the future.

Is there a means to apply this change across multiple business processes or do you have a recommendation to do this more efficiently?

Many thanks!

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Unfortunately there is no way to update multiple Business Processes at once.

I would also raise a cautionary hand as you mention  

On 7/16/2021 at 3:28 PM, AlexOnTheHill said:

which would link to a decision in the business process

in case you are thinking of copying and pasting, as I've found this is not always completely reliable across Processes, particularly when Decision nodes are involved.

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So where we pick a closure category to initiate an action in the business process there is no reliable way to transpose that?

Is there a better solution to this? Could we set an option so that at resolution an agent has the option to notify an additional party?

Our test process has one template for the user and another template for a team who do not use Hornbill, capturing all information and asking them to make contact with the user.

The problem is that if this relies on one closure category then all business processes will need this update so that closure category can trigger the updated action and that looks to be a very labour intensive process without an alternative solution.


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